Lord ganesh aarti

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Ganesh Aarti: A Prayer from a Devotee

The Ganesha Aarti or the prayer of Lord Ganesha is the song or chant that is used for the auspicious rituals of Ganesha puja. Apart from the everyday prayers, there are many different kinds of pujas that are used by Hindu devotees to pray to lord Ganesha and seek his blessings. These prayers are offered to gain success, wisdom and wealth in life. The types of prayers used are dependent on the ritual and the type of the devotee of Lord Ganesha.

One of the most commonly used prayers for the aartisare ‘Jay Ganesha, Jay Ganesha, Jay Ganesha Deve…’.‘Ganapati Bappa Moriya…’ is also another common chant one that is generally used by a mass of devotees gathered together. All these prayers are used by millions of Hindu devotees of Lord Ganesha to assure that their wishes reach god they adore so much and he fulfils their dreams. These kinds of aarties can be found in ancient books which have been written by great minds of the past centuries.

The main use of Lord Ganesha aarti is seen in different Hindu shops. Lord Ganesha is the god of wealth and so many business and shop owners all over India use these aarties to pray to the god for the improvement of their business and good will of their shops. Most of the shop owners have statues of Lord Ganesha on their premises and they follow rituals of the aarties every evening to please Lord Ganesha so he may bless them with wealth and happiness. These are the main rituals that can be seen regularly apart form the ones in Lord Ganesha temples. In the temples, the aarti is performed both regularly and on special occasions.

The history behind Lord Ganesha aarties spans many centuries. Some of these aarties can be found in many old books written by priests of ancient times. Many mythological books of India have different kinds of aarties dedicated to Ganesha showing how these prayers have become an intricate part of Hindu culture. These ancient texts also prove that there have always been Lord Ganesha devotees around for centuries.

If you want to learn Lord Ganesha aarties then there are plenty of ways to do that. You can be part of the rituals by going to local Lord Ganesha temples or you can use the Internet to find the players and memorize them.

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