Children of Ganesha

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Ganesha and his children

Lord Ganesha is more popularly known as a celibate and as the king of Brahmins. But the Mudgal Purana talks about his marriage to Brahma’s daughters – Riddhi (prosperity) and Siddhi (wealth). The Shiva Purana has evidence of Lord Ganesha having two sons. Not just the scholars but the different scriptures dedicated to Lord Ganesha quote different versions about his bachelorhood. There are some temples that have idols of Lord Ganesha placed with his wives and sons.

Lord Brahma conducted the wedding of Lord Ganesha’s to Riddhi and Sidhi. In due course of time Kshema and Labh were born. It is also known that Lord Ganesha had a daughter called Santoshi Ma,. Santoshi Ma is known as the goddess of satisfaction. Even though the myth is popular, there is no evidence of Ganesha’s daughter in any scripture. As mentioned the birth of Lord Ganesha’s son is given in the Shiva Purana.

Kshema was born to Lord Ganesha and Riddhi. He is known as the God of prosperity. Labh was born to Siddhi and Lord Ganesha. Labh is the God of profit. Labh is also known as the giver of the biggest profit and Kshema is the protector of that bounty. Kshema is also known as Shubh (auspicious). Ganesha (wisdom) and Riddhi (Intellect) created Shubh (auspiciousness) and Ganesha (knowledge) and Siddhi (Spiritual wellbeing) created Labh (Profit). Intelligence as a quality can only be auspicious or work in favour of anyone, if guided with wisdom. Therefore Lord Ganesha is called the Lord or the owner of the attributes that his sons and wives have. Matsaya Purana refers to Kshema and Labh as Lord Ganesha’s helpers.

When we say that Lord Ganesha is the lord of wisdom, wealth, prosperity, knowledge and profit, we can see that the members of his family mean each of these words. The mantra recited on Ganesh Chatturthi invites Lord Ganesha with his wives (Riddhi and Siddhi) and his sons (Kshema and Labh). The mantra (Om Sri Ganeshav Namah, Riddhi Siddhi Shubh Labh) means that we invite Lord Ganesha with his whole family to bless us. Devotees believe that if Lord Ganesha comes alone he will not stay for long and would go back to his family. So the invitation to the entire family makes Lord Ganesha stay with his devotees.

The story of Lord Ganesha’s sons may be debatable but the attributes of Kshema and Labh are a reflection to that of Lord Ganesha.

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