Ganesha, Murugan and Vallinayaki

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Ganesha, Murugan and Vallinayaki

Lord MuruganOnce there was a king whose name was Nambirajan. He ruled the ghat (bay) region of Tamilnadu. He was the king of the tribes. He was keen to have a daughter as a child.  Lord Shiva told him that he shall find a girl in the woods nearby, and that girl would be his daughter. The king discovered the girl in the nearby woods and named her Vallinayaki. Gradually, the girl matured into a beautiful woman. The elder son of Shiva and Parvati Subramanya (also known as Murugan or Skanda) wanted to marry her. He disguised himself as an old bangle seller and sold bangles to her, which started off a conversation between the two. This conversation was interrupted by her brothers who were over protective of their sister.  Confused and agitated by their sudden appearance, and reluctant to commence a war; he took the form of Vengai Margam , an old tribal King (a stump is still at the Velimalai temple in TamilNadu). Vallinayaki’s brothers appeared from nowhere this time as well, and Murugan had to leave the talks in midway. Next, he took the form of an old Spartan from Himalayas. Then he went back to Kailasa, his heavenly abode. He discussed everything with his brother, Lord Ganesha , also known as Vinayaka. He sought his help for the same. Vinayaka is popularly known as the remover of obstacles.  After his discussion , Ganesha disguised himself as a mad elephant and came in front of Valli, when she was taking a stroll in a garden. A scared Vallinayki embraced Murugan and asked him for help. She promised him to give anything he asks for in return for saving her from the elephant. He saved her from the beast as promised and asked her hand in marriage. Vallinayaki accepted the proposal realizing her suitor was none other than Lord Murugan. The marriage was celebrated with grandeur by the King Nambirajan and his family.

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