Ganesha- The Ideal Son

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Ganesha’s relationship with his parents

Lord Ganesha was a by product of the dirt and perspiration of Goddess Parvati. The reason Parvati breathed life into Ganesha was because she wanted a companion who shall drive away her boredom. After spending significant time with him, she became as fond of him as she would have been of her own son. Goddess Parvati wanted to take a bath and asked her son Ganesha to guard the door. As Lord Shiva attempted to walk in after days of meditation, Lord Ganesha obeyed his mother’s instruction and didn’t allow Shiva to enter. In a fit of anger, and not knowing who Ganesha really was, Shiva beheaded Ganesha. After Parvati’s explanation, Lord Shiva gave Lord Ganesha an elephant’s head and brought him back to life.

According to mythology, the initial interaction doesn’t depict a strong parent-son bond between Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. It is depicted that the bond between Parvati and Ganesha developed over a period of time and became stronger with time. Shiva was oblivious of the existence of Lord Ganesha. After witnessing his grief stricken wife, Lord Shiva realized the bond that Parvati had developed with her son. In his quest to revive Lord Ganesha, Shiva developed affection for his son. Although many versions of the birth of Lord Ganesha exist, this story is the most popular one and shows the evolving nature of the bond the Shiva-Parvati share with their son Ganesha.

According to the scriptures, a competition between Ganesha and his brother Skanda was held to see who shall win the divine sweet of wisdom- the Modaka. Goddess Parvati asked her sons to encircle the world three times. The one who shall be the fastest will be declared the winner and get the sweet. Skanda went off on a journey to cover the three worlds while Ganesha simply went around his parents three times. When asked the reason behind his action, Lord Ganesha answered his parents Shiva and Parvati constitute the three worlds for him. This depiction of sincerity and devotion won him the sweet of wisdom.

One day, Parashurama, an avatar of Vishnu, went to pay a visit to Shiva. He met Ganesha along the way and was asked to explain his purpose to meet Lord Shiva before he proceeded further. Known for his short temper, Parashurama hurled his axe at Ganesha. Lord Ganesha knew that the axe was a gift given by his father to Parshurama. Out of respect for his father’s gift, Lord Ganesha allowed himself to be struck by it and in turn lost one of his tusks. The respect for his father’s gift made Lord Ganesha endure pain.

The above stories strengthen the fact that Ganesha shared a strong bond with his parents that was built on respect and affection. These are two of the most popular instances that reflect this relationship in an apt manner. For the God of wisdom and knowledge, it was indeed all about loving his parents…

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