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Ganesha, VedvyasaOnce the greatest saint of all time, Vedvyasa was meditating in the Himalayan range. Lord Brahma visited him and asked him to write the greatest epic of all times the Mahabharat for the benefit of the whole mankind. Vedvyasa told Lord Brahma that it would not be possible for him to write and compose the epic on his own. So Vedvyasa  asked Brahma to help him with a writer who should be wise enough to understand and write the verses.  Lord Brahma asked Vedvyasa to seek the help of Lord Ganesha.

 When Vedvyasa went and asked Lord Ganesha to write the verses, Ganesha refused, as he was busy. Seeing Vedvyasa’s disappointment,  Lord Ganesha asked him if he could quickly sing all the verses? Vedvyasa nodded.  The Sage replied that he wanted someone who can understand the meaning of all the verses that he composes and write them. Lord Ganesha agreed.

Vedvyasa started singing, and Ganesha started writing the verses. The scene of a God listening to a sage and writing for him was panoramic in itself. Lord Ganesha being a deity was fast in writing, so, whenever Vedvyasa thought that the speed has increased, he would come up with something exceptionally long.  Lord Ganesha became busy in understanding the meaning, and in the mean time Vedvyasa would compose more verses.  In this way six million Granths (holy scriptures) were created.  It comprised of Kandapuranam, Ramayanam, Savithri Puranam, Nala Puranam and many more to be named. The whole task of writing the epics was done while sitting at Mount Meru.

 Once, while writing,  Lord Ganesha’s pen broke.  Fearing that he would lag behind, Lord Ganesha tore his tusk and started using it as a pen. Of  the 6 million epics, 3 million are in the Deva Lokam (In the abode of Gods), 1.5 million in the Yaksha Lokam (In the abode of semi-Gods and angels) and 1.4 in the Asura Lokam (In the abode of Demons and Devils). The remaining 1 million are on the Prithvi Lokam or Mrityu Lokam (On Earth). Sage Vedvyasa had sung 8,800 Granthams, which were difficult for Lord Ganesha to decipher. He stated to Lord Ganesha that the meaning of all 8,800 Granthams should only be known to him, Lord Ganesha and his signs (his followers). Among all these 8,800 Granthams the greatest epic of all times, the Mahabharatam is considered to be the fifth Veda.

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