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Beautiful Wallpaper of Lord Ganesha Bronze idol.

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There is hardly any other god in any religion who has as many symbolic significances and secrets as Lord Ganesha. This elephant headed and mouse-riding Hindu deity is the lord of knowledge and wisdom and intellect and is an infinite treasure trove of secrets that are unveiled at every moment in life. He is also the god of all material and spiritual success and obliterator of all obstacles. Ganesha is also worshiped as the lord of wealth and after Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga he is the fifth of five prime deities of Hindu religious pantheon.

Everything about Lord Ganesha is symbolic and significant. His elephant head on a human body is the symbol of coexistence of the soul or the Atman, which is the supreme reality and the Maya, the earthly existence limited by the boundaries of time and space. His elephant head and big ears also symbolize wisdom while is trunk is crooked like Aum, the audible symbol of this cosmic reality of which we are a part.

lord ganapathi

Wide variations of Ganesha idols are worshiped in different parts of India and every different idol has its own symbolic significances. The trunk of Ganesha is normally curled towards left, which is also the moon side that encourages the cool and relaxed feminine qualities. But those Ganesha idols with a trunk crooked towards his right or the sun side are known as extremely powerful and full of life energy and these idols require special care and rigorous rituals for their worships. Everything about lord Ganesha is a lesson that can make life better and more beautiful. From his choice of weapons, from his vahana or vehicle, from his sitting position and also his overall appearance there is a secret lesson in everything that is there for us to learn and make life better and more beautiful.

Most Ganesha idols worshiped in numerous temples and shrines in India have the ankush and the goad as common weapons. The purpose of the goad is to destroy and obliterate every obstacle in the path of human success and to propel them forward while the ankush is used to keep control and direct knowledge and wisdom in a proper direction. The noose that he often holds is there to capture all the difficulties that might arise. The rat as his vahana is lying at his feet. The mouse is actually a symbol of our senses that are always as greedy as the mouse and just like it are always hungry for more. By choosing the mouse as his vahana lord Ganesha teaches us to overcome the greed of our senses and only by riding on his senses, as he himself did, a man of wisdom can reach his spiritual destination where all journeys come to a standstill and all quests come to an end.

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