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This is an interesting animated image of Lord Ganesha. Decked in all his finery- the Lord of Plenty and prosperity looks on at his devotees. The power of the symbolisms associated with Ganapati Bappa is reflected not only in his person but it gets repeated countless times in the heart and imagination of his ardent devotees around the world.

The artist’s imagination in the making of this image highlights  very significant change in the way we we look at the concept of divinity. One would assume that in the age of Science and technology, religion would take  back seat, and would in time lose credence and importance. Instead what we see here is an organic evolution of the concept of religion.

Humourous as it may sound, prehistoric man had wallpapers too, only he painted it on his cave walls with naturally occurring  pigments. Sociologists could and do argue that the cave paintings from over 10,000 years ago were simple recording of what the ancient man saw. Be it as it may, the one thing that is undeniable is the fact that those paintings were the result of human imagination at work.

Time passed and civilization replaced nomadic, cave-dwelling lifestyles until finally we arrived in the year 2013, where we live in complex social structures, governed by equally complex laws of interaction. A lot has changed, but a lot is still the same. From reality we have moved on to virtual reality and human imagination has been a constant presence throughout the entire time.

So today when you, dear reader, would look upon this Ganesha wallpaper and suddenly notice it blinking at you, you would be witness to a process of human evolution that literally spans millennia on end. It is proof of the power of human imagination to transcend reality. It is proof that sublime divinity is not antithetical and opposed to scientific enquiry. They are implicitly and organically  linked to each of us by the simple virtue of us being human.

It hardly matters which faith you subscribe to or which form of divinity you bow to, feel free to download this wallpaper and let it decorate your Personal Computer or your Mobile Device simply for the reason that it is beautiful. While you do this however, realize that you are embracing not a religion or an idol but the combined heritage of what makes human beings the dominant species on this planet. Emotional satisfaction shall enrich your life as you slowly but steadily come to experience the true power of having the reigns of prosperity, riches, and success in your very hands. At that precise moment, you would experience Ganesha!

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