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There are many stories which involve Lord Ganesha. From the stories of his birth to the stories of his powers and later destruction of demons, these stories not just make up for an interesting read but also teach us lessons of life.

The Ganges or Ganga is the most important river of India. The river not only serves as an important water body but is also considered holy in Hinduism. The river Kaveri is considered to be the most important river in the southern part of India. Kaveri is also known as Dakhsina Ganga which means “Ganga of southern region”. The river Kaveri is also known as “Kaveri amma” in the southern region.

The origin of the river Kaveri  is the work of Lord Ganesha. This makes for an fascinating story to read. One day sage Agastya went to Lord Brahma to help get water to the barren southern regions. The southern region of India was parched and everyone was suffering due to the lack of water. Lord Brahma suggested Agastya to go to Lord Shiva and ask for help. With the blessings of Lord Brahma, Agastya went to Lord Shiva hoping to find a solution. Lord Brahma asked Agstya to carry a kamndalu (a vessel made of copper or bronze to carry liquid) to Lord Shiva. On top of the Kailasa, Agastya began to pray for Lord Shiva to appear before him. Impressed by Agastya’s devotion Lord Shiva made an appearance and asked Agastya what he wanted. When Agastya informed Lord Shiva about the parched southern lands, Lord Shiva poured a few drops of the sacred water in to Agastya’s vessel.  Agastya was sceptical about the amount of water in the vessel and wondered how it would help him. But Lord Shiva assured Agastya and asked him to trust Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva told Agastya to un-turn the vessel at a suitable spot to get water in the dry lands.

He began his journey back to the southern region of India. He was looking for a suitable place to un-turn the vessel. When he reached Kodagu Mountains (Coorg) he met a young boy on the way.  Agastya was tired and wanted to relieve himself, so he requested the boy to guard the vessel for some time.  The boy was actually Lord Ganesha in disguise. He had come to help Agstya to pick the right spot. When Agastya left the vessel to Lord Ganesha, Ganesha picked the right spot and placed the vessel there and left. Agastya came to find the vessel on the ground and a crow perched on it. Agastya accidently un-turned the pot when he attempted to drive the bird away. The water began to flow out of the vessel and became the massive river Kaveri enriching the parched southern lands. The point where Kaveri started is known as Talakaveri. The place is considered sacred in India.

According to a different version Goddess Vishnu Maya became a dwarf and got inside the vessel. Agstya carried the vessel to the spot where it was un-turned by Lord Ganesha. Vishnu Maya then became the river Kaveri.

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