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The Trinetra Ganesha Temple in Ranthambore, Rajasthan is one of the oldest and the most famous temples in Rajasthan. The temple is situated in the magnificent fort of Ranthambore. This temple is situated at a distance of 12 kms from Sawai Madhopur.

The story of this temple dates back to the year 1299 when a war broke out between King Hameer and Ala-ud-din Khilji at the Ranthambore fort. The war continued for a long time, and the food stock was running low. King Hameer was an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha. Amidst all the problems and tensions, he never forgot to worship Lord Ganesha. King Hameer saw Lord Ganesha in his dream and the Lord promised him that all the problems that he was facing would be sorted by the morning. In the morning, an idol of Lord Ganesha as Trinetra (three eyes) was found in one of the fort’s walls. As promised by Lord Ganesha a miracle happened and the war got over.

Ganesha Chaturthi is one festival that is celebrated with pomp and show in this temple.  Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated to commemorate the origin of Lord Ganesha.  It is believed that Ganesha was born on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi. On Ganesha Chaturthi, thousand of devotees come and worship Lord Ganesha. They sing Bhajans (devotional songs), chant verses and participate in religious programs in the temple.

The Ranthambore Fort has got its name from the two adjoining hills near the fort i.e. the Rann and the Thambore hill. The Fort itself is a piece of architectural marvel. The walls are about 7 kms in length and cover an area of about 4 sq. kms. Many old ruins like cenotaphs, old houses and temples still mark the presence of ancient buildings here. The walls are surrounded by colossal stone walls which are strengthened by towers and bastions. The mines that were a common sight at one time in the fort are now ponds which are used for storing water. These ponds act as water reservoirs. The Ganesha temple is situated just at the entrance of the gate of the fort. The main entrance originally had four gates, out of which only one is still standing. There are still many ruins of buildings inside the fort. Hameer’s court, Badal Mahal, Dhula Mahal, Phansi Ghar are some such ruins. The eastern part of the fort is still wild so people prefer to stay at the western part of the fort. There is a small perennial stream that flows in the eastern part of the fort. In the eastern parts, one can see a large number of birds, leopards, langurs, and many wild cats.

A good day to visit the fort (besides Ganesh Chaturthi),  is Wednesday as it is considered as Ganesha’s day. On Wednesday, many people dressed in their best fineries come to visit the shrine. It is said that by worshipping Lord Ganesha in this fort, a family would never be deprived of any amenities in life.

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