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Knowing about the rituals involved in the Ganesh Pooja Vidhi will help you to complete the pooja in the right manner. During Ganesh Chaturthi, the whole Ganesha worshipping community celebrates for ten days before immersing the idol water. In every home, rituals are performed to appease this all-powerful deity so that he blesses the whole family. In most poojas, a priest is asked to perform the pooja. It is also possible to perform the ceremony on your own provided you know the correct rituals. During the time Ganesha also known as Bappa remains in the house, he is pampered and a great deal is made around him. His statue is surrounded with decorations, a plethora of offerings and the Vidhi of worship.

Every pooja ceremony usescertain ingredients so one can complete it in a successful manner. It is the same with Ganesh worship. Some of the things that are needed are: a beautiful idol to be worshiped, red coloured flowers, laddus (Ganesha’s favourite sweets), sandalwood, incense sticks, coconuts, various fruits, a platform for the idol, the decorations related to it and sweets which are made from dates, coconut, poppy seeds and sugar powder. Once you have all the things at hand, it is time to recite the various chants which are relevant to this worship. The hymns repeated during the ceremony are taken from the Rig Veda, Narada Purana and the Upanishads.

After the ten days of worship is over, on the 11th day the idol of Lord Ganesh is removed from its perch. It is then carried through the streets of the neighbourhood before being taken for immersion in the river or the sea. The ceremony of Visarjan or immersion of the idol in the water signifies the return journey of the deity to his abode in Kailash. For it is believed that lord Ganesha leaves his abode for ten days to live amidst his people. And that is the time of Ganesh Chaturthi. The worshippers hope that their Ganesha will take all the worries away and leaves them happy and relaxed till the coming year.

The Vidhi of the Ganesha Pooja is basically hassle free and involves lots of jubilation and the coming together of the family members. Ganesha will only step into a house that is spotless. And so before the pooja begins every homeis swept and all the debris removed. While the Vinayak Chaturthi festival is celebrated throughout India, it is mainly celebrated with great pomp and acclaim in Maharashtra.

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