See, How The Ganesha Experience transformed people’s lives.

Namaste Dr Nilima

Thanks for the Ganesha experience programme. It is my delight, I am uplifted and drawn to my original Self – the Higher Light. There is really a change in my life, for better. The Ganesha experience lessons are life itself.
Once again, thanks.

My humble self,
John Nkosi
Johannesburg, Africa

Dear Nilima,
just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate and love your style of writing and your articles. With all the newsletters, daily reminders, all the programs that I receive, yours, is truly wonderful. There are so many programs that I very quickly take my name off of, there are some that it does take a while, but yours I really like, enjoy and look forward reading. Your newsletters are gentle, informative and not pushy like any of the others.
Thank you for the great articles

Veronika, Canada

Expression of Gratitude.

Warm greetings to you Nilima and the Ganesha Experience team. I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the lessons because of the benefits that I continue to receive since I started this study program. It has allowed me to delve deeper into the Hindu belief and the practice of daily prayers, for instance the 108 chant of Om Gam Ganapatya Namaha. Although I cannot pin point the change in my spiritual consciousness just yet, I can feel the positive energy ever growing from day to day. I would like to share with you the reason why I chose to follow this path.

My family comes from the caribbean island called Jamaica which is where my great-great grandfather decided to settle down when he left his birthplace in Gujurat during the period of the Raj. I am still doing some research to find out exactly which part of Gujurat he was born and how he lived before his departure as an indentured worker and I feel by getting involved in his beliefs then I will get to know and understand what he and Lord Ganesha, among the other Gods and Goddesses stand for. I am deeply moved by this opportunity and I wish you all infinite love and good blessings for the effort and determination that has been put into this project for people like myself to understand and improve our lives.

Om Ganeshaya Namah

Hello Dr Nilima,
Thank you for this excellent article, it is well explained and is very convincing. I have read both Mahabharta and Ramayana. Your examples are very good and fitting. I appreciate your efforts and like this article. I will forward it to others.
Best regards

Chandru Idnani
Saratoga, USA

I enjoy reading the articles you send me,I always learn something about God, mythology and a lot of details which usually I cannot reach to because we do not have all thebooks to go through and also lack time. I really appreciate all the effort you are putting in to bring us a lesson from which we can learn.
Thank you very much.

Krishna Kumar
United States

This is not only very well written but also an extremely non ambiguous and logical aspect to concepts which are couched in mystery to the average individual (and also to the so called experts as well who believe in the saying “If you cannot convince, then confuse”).

Toronto, Canada

Hello Nilima,
It is a very good insight into the three great names all Hindus relate to but really do not understand their values. Thanks for the deep understanding. I am sending this to my children who need to know more.

Tullamarinae, Australia


Port-of-spain, Trinidad and Tobago

I’m very impressed by your great knowledge about Shiva and how you relate everyday life with mythology. I just say I have learned a lot from you. I’m taking note of the Trilogy of BRAHMA ,VISHNU AND SHIVA. I will try to put what have said into practice not just to sustain but to keep growing spiritually. All my respect to you.

Balraj, Mauritus

I feel good reading your letter Dr.Nilima it really helps me to get positive energy thank you very much for it….

Sneha Patel

Oh thank you so much. This is very enlightening and comforting. I do hope to meet you one day in the not too distant future…Until then, every good wish and kindest regards.


An excellent article and food for thought as a Leader.
Kind regards

San Pillay
Sales Manager, Sicad South Africa

Mam you have been done well on your good jobs. I known many details about my favorite Lord Shiva from you and your experiences. Now you are moving to the great lord Ganesh.i know it’s very useful to all.
All the best mam. Keep with touch me.
¤om gamganpathayae namaga¤

Sachin, Italy

Excellent article on very confusing subject. Thanks. Keep up the good deeds.

Yorke Jacobson
Walnut Creek, United States

Thank you Nilima, enjoyed your messages….they supplemented my ongoing readings and personal development.
Thank you for all your insight
warm regards

Nalin Jain
Alexandria, USA

Dear Thanks for your mail.
I am really thankful for sending these valuable messages. I need more advice from you
with regards


Dear Nilma,
I have gotten a chance to read your e-mails now, and I want to say that they are a very good teaching.
I myself am a Gaudiya Vaisnava with a background in the metaphysical teachings of Dwaj Khul/Alice Bailey. You are doing a good service to humanity with the Shivite teachings you are offering students. I am glad to have met you in this way online and wish you very well in the work you have been chosen for. You seem very well qualified to carry it out, and I thank you for sharing what you have so far with me.
Your’s in Light, Love and Life Abundantly,

Edison, United States of America

Hi Nilima
I must also thank you for all the knowledge, advices and time that you have given me. I really do appreciate them.
Thank you

South Africa

Dear Nilima,
Many thanks for your positive contribution in assisting me/people in these small ways as a beginning, or first step feels good, that somebody cares

Ernest Sequeira
Dubai, UAE

Thank you Nilima for the beautiful stories! It did make me feel calm and at peace.

Lynn Geddes
Savannah,United States

I always look forward to ur mails. Thanks a lot

Chita Girish
Doha, Qatar

Respected madam,
for me, the religions of the world are a very fascinating subject of study.though not exclusively on the professional level,but from the point of my personal interest in the religions of the world,i have put some efforts in trying to analyze and understand the purpose of a religion. the more i tried to understand other religions the better i understood my religion and strengthend my faith in it. i am happy to have recived ur introductory course and found it to be emensely beautifull,well put forth.

Ramesh Patel
Hubli, India

Nilima, Hi. That was amazingly beautiful. I felt the sun dance in my center and radiate outward and outside, the clouds parted and the sun came out. I have this calm serene, and yet powerful feeling of energy extending to all parts of my body. That was a great surprise for me today. Thank you. Many Healing Blessings of Love and Strength,

Stephen Fountain
Portland, United States

Hi Nilima,
A special thanks to you and your team for this article.
Take care :)

Piyali Biswas
New Haven, United States

My Humble Namaste & thanks Shrimatee Nilimaji,
May you continue to share the Shivji Experience for every soul on our planet. May your “Seva” bring Peace, Love, Harmony within the hearts of all. May Shivji’s Blessings be yours always.
With all My Love & Blessings, I could carry.

Arjoon Ramroop
San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Thanks for the thoughts, and believe me the first one is really soothing and sweet. It takes you to heights !!! I love it . I do not know the rest.
Thanks again.

Sukwaria Rattanlal, San Fernando
Trinidad and Tobago

thank you Dr. Chitgopekar, Wonderful blessings

Julia Schere
Fort Worth, United States

Dear Dr.Nilima,
Thank you for sending me the article to read from Adi Shankarachariya.Enjoyed reading.
Take care,

Yagaya Kumar
California State University, East Bay, Hayward, CA

Very nice chapter. This is encouraging and a good inspiration for success.
Thank you verymuch. 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dear Dr. Nilima,
I am totally blind and read your e-mail message and was reading your web site with my voice synthesizer. I’ve got to thank you for making it so very “voice friendly.” It reads like it was written for screen readers and voice synthesizers.

I am into Hinduism for only a week now, and found a link to your book on one of the web sites I go to, or probably in a newsletter that I had signed up to. It sounds so good and I am so excited to be reading it. Pretty Please send me that link so that I might be able to enjoy your vast knowledge
Blessings and Appreciation for your time and great work.

Lovenergy, Joe
Stamford, United States

Namas te!
It is really beautiffull chapter. Thank you!

Mateja Lepej, Slovenia

Hi,thanks I really love it

Felix Ehidiamhen

Hello Dr. Nilima
Thanks for emails. I enjoy reading what you have sent me so far. Please keep sending.

Milan Gandhi
Forest Hills, United States

Hi Doc thanks a lot for all yr help it was marvelous Dhanyavad

Ramesh Hurdyal

Thank you soo much for the inspiration and teachings you have sent to me. It is so uplifting and I look forward to reading every one of the from.
God Bless

Sharlene Singh
South Africa

Hello Dr,
I saved the stories and give it to my children to read. They’ll love it.

Uma Sharma

Dear Dr Nilima
I am very excited about our communication. I am very interested in the creation of the world and always reading fascinating stories about it.

Susan Frank, Sydney, Australia

Absolutely stunning .. Being a Shiva bhakt and perhaps his Ansh, I have loved this small intro.

Chennai, India

Excelentíssima Senhora Doutora Nilima Chitgopekar,
Shiv-Shambhu é me bastante querido. Os cursos em inglês, não consigo atinar com eles. Se for em gujráti ou português ainda conseguiria perceber.
Talvez daqui a algum tempo depois.


Honorable Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar,
Shiv-Shambhu is very dear to me.
The courses in English, I can not fathom them. If in Gujarati or Portuguese could still see.
Maybe in some time later.


Not just interesting but mind absorbing too…..the the events and their essence have been precisely put forth in a simple and interesting manner……ur professional hold over the subject shows the finese……

Ramesh Patel

My Dear Dr. Nilima,
I am grateful for all those inspiring messages that you send me daily. I have learnt a lot from those messages and the true messages that are inside.

Elvis Balgobin – Trinidad and Tobago

Once again I am without words. It’s like I have never seen it from this perspective.
Thank you very much once more.

Bickram Singh, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

Hi Nilima,
I would like to thank you very very much for your wonderful email and I must admit this is the most amazing and inspirational story I have ever hear. May God continue to richly bless you to help others.


Dear Nilimaji,
i woild like to infrom you that i have been doin very well scine i have been reciving these intresting and informative literature from
you.i would like to say that i have been applying them to my daily life and the outcome has been spectacular…


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